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Pine Finger-Joint Board
>=50 Cubic Meters $411.00
Qing Dao
Eco-friendly Glue
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China

Detailed introduction

一, The characteristics of pine finger-joint board

1. The utilization rate of pine laminated lumber is high and the material utilization rate is high.

2. The strength of pine laminated lumber is 1.5 times that of solid wood. Cracking and small deformation.

3. The pine laminated lumber has good processing performance and can be manufactured into straight and curved shapes.

4. The pine laminated lumber has strong functions, good anti-corrosion, fire resistance and insect resistance.

5. The pine glulam is natural and environmentally friendly, with beautiful lines.

Second, the use of pine finger joint board

Mainly used for wooden doors and high-end furniture, it is the first choice of wood for decorating wardrobes, doors and windows, floors, stair treads, countertops, wall panels, and ceilings. In addition, it has good effects on furniture panels, shelves, back panels, core panels, convenience panels, screens, partition wall panels, and frame strips. It can be said that where wood is needed, there is its potential.

Third, the advantages of pine finger joint board

1. Because the dry material is used, it can prevent deformation and cracking during use.

2. Large dimensional freedom, which can meet the requirements of beams with span and cross-sectional shape.

3. Give full play to the characteristics of wood, can absorb vibration and decorate at will.

4. It is easy to carry out anti-corrosion and anti-insect treatment, and the effect is good.

▼Product Description

MaterialRadiata Pine Wood
Size2440*1220*9/10*12*15*17/18/20*25*30 mm or custom size as your request
Grade QualityAA,AB,ABC
GlueE0 OR E1, environmentally friendly
Packingwooden pallets,plastic film ,packing belts,corner protection
MOQA small trial order are acceptable
Loading Quantity20ft ---20cubic meter40HQ---50 cubic meter
UsageDecoration,surfboards,guitar,skis,boxes,crafts,flooring,furniture,wall panels and etc.

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Pine Finger-Joint Board manufacturerPine Finger-Joint Board

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